Don Lemon Just Revealed A Shocking Truth About Trump From His Past [WATCH]

CNN host Don Lemon came forth recently to suggest that President Trump once declared that he would never sit down for another interview with him because he claimed that the broadcaster was racist.

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“He vowed that he would never do an interview with me because he said I was racist, because I challenged him on an in-factual statement, a lie,” Lemon explained on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” before detailing his questioning of Trump about the conspiracy that former President Obama was not born in the U.S.

“He said that I was racist because of the way that I challenged him,” Lemon continued. “Much in the way that he thought that I can’t be unbiased about an issue concerning race. So he accused me of being racist.”

Lemon suggested that the interview he was referring to occurred the same night that Osama Bin Laden was killed in 2011 and that it was the last time Trump agreed to appear on his show before announcing his campaign.

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While running for president, Trump made several appearances on Lemon’s show. However, Lemon said once Trump became president and his demeanor changed.

“Once he became president of the United States, and you have to hold his feet to the fire, all of a sudden he doesn’t like what I’m doing,” Lemon said. “Because I have to call out the lies, or the misstatements, or when he gets something wrong, or when he does something crazy, or when he tweets something that’s just beyond the pale. All of a sudden he doesn’t like me.”

Lemon’s statements were recorded on the same day that he tore into Trump during a monologue on his show, “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,” saying Trump “traffics in racism and is fueled by bullying.”





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