Stephen Colbert Just Mocked The GOP In A Sprawling Live Television Roast [WATCH]

Stephen Colbert recently offered up his opinion on the comical exchange between National Review Senior Editor Jonah Goldberg and Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani.

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It began when Goldberg made an appearance on Fox News and made a joke at the expense of Giuliani over President Trump‘s careless tweets involving the Mueller probe.

“I am sure that Rudy Giuliani spends big chunks of his days chain-smoking cigarettes, white-knuckling it, just hoping another tweet doesn’t show up,” Goldberg joked Fox News anchor Sandra Smith.

“Even Trump’s allies are worried about how his lawyers are dealing with the tweet storm,” Colbert quipped.

In other news Infowars host Alex Jones had officially been barred from Facebook, Apple, Spotify, and YouTube for continuously violating the companies’ hate-speech guidelines and it appeared as though Colbert‘s Tuck Buckford was facing hard times as well.

The Late Show host received his hilarious spoof character based on Jones to celebrate the conspiracy theorist losing the “war on info.”

“Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, the martyrdom of ol’ Tuck Buckford at the hands of Silicon Valley snowboys and soyflakes,” Buckford ranted. Since he’s been banned from all manner of social media platform, he’s introducing a new medium to release his podcast, Brain Fight with Tuck Buckford. It’s called Brainfight Hivemind and it involves Buckford screaming his message at a swarm of angry bees that are then released to sting his words “directly into your bloodstream.”

It appears that those bees turn on him, though, when he poured “some sugary sort of bee goo” onto his head while detailing his latest conspiracy, “Bee-zzagate,” a reference to the “Pizzagate” conspiracy the real Jones gave life to which resulted in the Comet Ping Pong shooting.

Of course, the bees turning on Jones suggests that “Obama’s gotten to them” already.



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